Average time: 55 min
Best time: 28 min
In time: 40 % of teams
Team: 2–4 players
Price: 1250–1400 CZK (60€)
Address: Mečislavova 18, Praha 4
Phone: +420 777 360 557

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Random acquaintance with a respectable fellow traveler may seem to be a great idea at first glance. But what if your companion is not a person he claims to be and his request can lead you to the very center of the tangle of threads of a detective story?

“The attorney” escape room will allow you to plunge into the mysterious and slightly spooky detective story, whose action will unfold in the modern Chicago. Modern technical solutions considerably diversify the process of passing the exit game, and the unexpected scenario turns guarantee new portions of adrenaline up to the end of the game.


  • M. Lysak

    We went to the Hotel room. That was our first expirience,fortunately, we have managed to do the task and opened the door :) organizers were friendly and gave us clear instructions, the tasks entertained a lot and made us think hard, this room is a good start for newers. I will definitely come back to guess more logic riddless and just to have a good time with friends! :)

  • Kami La

    Hotel Le Marais můžeme doporučit, všechny nás bavil, paní byla vstřícná a když jsme potřebovali, tak nás ochotně naváděla, abychom celou hru nezůstali zaseklí u jednoho problému. :-))

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