Difficulty: 4/5
Best time: 33 min
Number of Players: 2-4
Price: 850-1400 CZK
Adress: Žitomírská 38, Praha 10
Phone: 776 744 406

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Dr. K’s bold scientific experiment is out of control! Gravity distorted, people walk along the walls, and there is not far to most of the Big Bang! The team of friends has just an hour to rectify the situation, turn the course of the experiment back and save Penny, who was locked in the laboratory..

An amazing combination of recognizable humor, high-tech puzzles and unexpected plot twists will not only take you on a visit to your favorite characters, but will also give a variety of positive impressions, which only can be obtained by participating the escape room. Exit game "Big Bang" will not only get fans excited, but also anyone who are even slightly interested in science.


  • M. Lysak

    We went to the Hotel room. That was our first expirience,fortunately, we have managed to do the task and opened the door :) organizers were friendly and gave us clear instructions, the tasks entertained a lot and made us think hard, this room is a good start for newers. I will definitely come back to guess more logic riddless and just to have a good time with friends! :)

  • Kami La

    Hotel Le Marais můžeme doporučit, všechny nás bavil, paní byla vstřícná a když jsme potřebovali, tak nás ochotně naváděla, abychom celou hru nezůstali zaseklí u jednoho problému. :-))

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