Average time: 57 min
Best time: 28 min
In time: 20 % of teams
Team: 2–4 players
Price: 1250–1400 CZK (60€)
Address: Mečislavova 18, Praha 4
Phone: +420 777 360 557

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At the very edge of the abandoned city of Silent Hill, there is a school. The locals avoid it like plague. Curious, unexplainable things go on inside – the rumor has it, it is haunted by the ghost of a child who died under mysterious circumstances inside those very walls. By an (un)lucky coincidence, you find yourself just outside of Silent Hill. Curious to learn whether the ghost is real or just a figment of the locals’ imagination, you decide to venture inside to see the ghost with your own eyes. A series of trials awaits you as soon as you enter the classroom where the boy’s body was found.

Only with logic, teamwork and perceptiveness can you hope to pass these trials. Can you solve all the riddles in 60 minutes and free the restless ghost, before the school gates are shut forever?


  • M. Lysak

    We went to the Hotel room. That was our first expirience,fortunately, we have managed to do the task and opened the door :) organizers were friendly and gave us clear instructions, the tasks entertained a lot and made us think hard, this room is a good start for newers. I will definitely come back to guess more logic riddless and just to have a good time with friends! :)

  • Kami La

    Hotel Le Marais můžeme doporučit, všechny nás bavil, paní byla vstřícná a když jsme potřebovali, tak nás ochotně naváděla, abychom celou hru nezůstali zaseklí u jednoho problému. :-))

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