City quest on the film festival motive


03 November 2018
start at 12:00

About the project

City quest on the film festival motive “New Russian Movie”take place in Prague 5-11 November 2018

During the game you will not only solve different tasks and riddles from the movie character and also meet with them.

For finding solutions and passing the quest route, participants will have 3 hours. All answers are entered into the mobile application. A new task is obtained in the same place. For each correct answer, the team receives a certain number of points (depending on the complexity of the task).

What kind of tasks will be?

  • Classic ciphers and brain teasers
  • Tasks with characters: try to solve riddles from the movie characters
  • Photo tasks: riddles for city experts and architecture lovers
  • Orientation tasks: follow the route to find the final code
  • Sports stations: show your strength and agility
  • Creative tasks - and this is a surprise from us and partners of the quest ;)


Presents from the organizers and partners

Teams which finished with good result will be able to receive memorable gifts from the organizers, as well as:

  • Invitations to the Festival events
  • Free games from
  • Home quests from the online store
  • Discount certificates from partners of the Festival
  • Other memorable gifts

Before the game

  • Participation in the game is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • Teams from 2 - 5 members
  • Start at 12:00
  • Team registrations start from 10:00
  • The beginning of the quest from Ovocný trh.

Quest organizers